Lab Photos Through Time
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1991: Unpacking day at Stanford
David, Cindi, and Davis Kingsley, September



David and Cindi Kingsley 1991


1992: First Lab picnic, Foothill Park
Back row: Adrienne Bland; David , Davis (with propeller hat), and Cindi Kingsley
Front row: Paul Marker, Ralph DiLeone, Betsy, Maylene Wagner, Jennifer King



First David Kingsley lab Picnic in 1992


1993: Lab photo, Beckman Center
Back row: Adrienne Bland, Elaine Storm, Kwonjune, Jennifer King, Maylene Wagner
Front row: Paul Marker, David Kingsley, Ralph DiLeone



David Kingsley Lab Photo in Front of the Beckman Center at Stanford University.


1994: Lab pyramid, David's house at Peter Coutts
Top row: Elaine Storm
Middle row: Richard Clark, Ralph DiLeone, Davis Kingsley (on Ralph), Betsy Lewis
Bottom row: Steve Settle, David Kingsley, Jennifer King, Paul Marker



David Kingsley's Lab Making A Human Pyramid at His Home in 1994.


1995: Lab picnic, Foothill Park
Back row: Davis, John, and Cindi Kingsley, Maylene Wagener, Jennifer King, Michael Schoor
Middle row: Ralph DiLeone, Andrew Ho, Richard Clark, Paul Marker Steve Settle
Front Row: David Kingsley, Betsy Lewis, Elaine Storm, Michael's wife and young Lukas



David Kingsley's Lab Picnic at Foothill Park in 1995.


1996: Lab picnic, Foothill Park
Left to right: Ralph DiLeone, Cindi and Dvid Kingsley, Jennifer King, Lukas Schoor, Greg Marcus (baseball cap), Richard Clark, Michael Schoor, Michelle Johnson (behind Elaine's shoulder), Elaine Storm (seated), Steve Settle (beard), Andrew Ho, Abhishek Sinha, Ken Ohgi



David Kingsley's Lab Picnic at Foothill Park in 1996.


1997: Lab picnic at San Gregorio beach
Back row: Ryan Rountree, Kelly and Steve Settle, Helen Cha and boyfriend, David John & CIndi Kingsley (all in hats), Greg Marcus and wife, Abhishek Sinha
Front row: Michael Schoor, Michelle Johnson, Cathy Thut, Elaine Storm, Davis Kingsley, Ralph DiLeone, Andrew Ho, Ken Ohgi and wife, Richard Clark.


  David Kingsley's Lab Picnic at San Gregorio Beach in 1997.

1998: Lab outing, San Francisco Zoo
Top of bars: Richard Clark, Steve Settle, Greg Marcus
Standing: Ralph DiLeone, Kelly Settle, Andrew Ho, Doug Mortlock, Katie Peichel, Cathy Thut, Michelle Johnson, Ryan Rountree, Mike Hwa, Helen Cha, Abby Thacker, Ken Ohgi
Seated: Kris Nereng; David and John Kingsley; Michael Schoor and family, Cindi and Davis Kingsley


  David KIngsley's Lab Outing at San Francisco Zoo in 1998.

1999: Lab picnic, Golden Gate Park
Standing left to right: Michelle Johnson, Cindi and John Kingsley, Andrew Ho, Becka, Abby Thacker, Elaine Storm, Helen Cha and Lucas, Paul Marker, Ken Ohgi, Doug Mortlock , Ralph DiLeone, Cathy Thut, Katie Peichel, Kyle Gurley, Bonnie Cole, Ryan Rountree, Mike Hwa, Richard Clark
Crouching in front: David Kingsley Michael and Eliza Schoor


  David Kingsley's Lab Picnic at Golden Gate Park in 1999.

2000: Lab outing, Berkeley Arboretum
Back row: Bonnie Cole, Mike Hwa, Judy, Michelle Johnson
Middle Row: Richard Clark, Ryan Rountree, Kristin and Kyle Gurley, Doug Mortlock (bemused), Cathy Thut, Kate Guenther, Pam Colosimo, Kris Nereng, Abby Thacker, Katie Peichel, Helen Cha
Seated in front: David, Davis, Cindi, and John Kingsley


  David Kingsley's Lab Outing in Berkeley Arboretum in 2000.

2001: Lab picnic, David's new backyard
Back Row: Mr. Nereng, Rick Colosimo, Ryan Rountree, Cathy Thut, Katya Androchina, Judy, Lior, David Kingsley
Middle Row: Kyle Gurley (abused); Helen Cha; Kris Nereng; Pam Colosimo; Kate Guenther; Davis, John, and Cindi Kingsley
Front Row: Melissa Marks, Becca, Katie Peichel, Ben Blackman, Doug Mortlock


  David Kingsley's Lab Picnic in his new backyard.

2002: Lab picnic, Redwoods State Park
Perched at top: Mike Shapiro, Ben Blackman, Kyle Gurley
Perched in middle: Helen Cha, Katie Peichel ,Kim Hosemann
Goundish level: Luiz Pantalena-Filho, Ryan Rountree, Sarita Balabhadra, Kate Guenther, Kris Nereng, Doug Mortlock, David Kingsley, Pam Colosimo, Hao Chen, Melissa Marks, Mike McLaughlin



David Kingsley's Lab Picnic at Redwoods State Park


2003: Lab photo, Stanford Medical Center
Standing: Ryan Rountree, Kyle Gurley, Mike McLaughlin, Kim Hosemann, Mike Shapiro, Ben Blackman, Kate Guenther, Luiz Pantalena-Filho, Helen Cha, Craig Miller, Doug Menke, Brian Summers, David Kingsley
Sitting: Sarita Balabhadra, Pam Colosimo, Melissa Marks, Hao Chen, Alexis Neville, Kris Nereng


  David Kingsley's Lab photo in front of the Stanford Medical Center in 2003.

2003: Navarro River camping and fishing trip
Back row: Doug Menke, Anna, Pam Colosimo, Kim Hosemann, David Kingsley, Craig Miller, Mike Shapiro
Front row: Melissa Marks, Ben Blackman, Hao Chen


  Navarro River camping and fishing trip

2003: Lab outing to Alcatraz Island
Kate Guenther, Brian Summers, Sarita Balabhadra, Craig Miller, Rebecca, Ryan Rountree, Christina, Mike McLaughlin, Helen Cha, Pam Colosimo, David Kingsley, Anna and Doug Menke, Melissa Marks, Kyle Gurley, Hao Chen, Luiz Pantalena-Filho



  David Kingsley's lab outing to Alcatraz Island in 2003.

2004: Lab outing for pizza and reptiles, Berkeley
Standing: Brian Summers, Kyle Gurley, Mike Shapiro, Mike McLaughlin, Sarita Balabhadra, Craig Miller, Kate Guenther, Anne Knecht, Pam Colosimo
Crouching: Doug Menke, David Kingsley, Luiz Pantalena-Filho, Frank Chan, Melissa Marks, Hao Chen



David Kingsley's lab outing for pizza and reptiles in Berkeley in 2004.


2005: Lab picnic, Foothill Park
Standing: Doug Menke, Mike McLoughlin, Luiz Pantalena-Filho, Brian Summers & Rebecca, Craig Miller and Alton, Mike Shapiro, Kyle Gurley, John Kinglsey (black Tshirt), David Kingsley, Anne Knecht, Sarita Balabhadra, Hari Reddi, Kate Guenther
Crouching: Guadalupe Villarreal, Stephanie Nunez, Ellis and Christina, Cindi Kingsley, Hao Chen, Haili Zhang


  David Kingsley's lab picnic at Foothill Park in 2005.

2006: Lab outing, San Francisco Zoo
Standing: Stephanie Nunez, Craig Miller, David Kingsley, Vahan Indjeian, Andrew Norman, Doug Menke, Steve Arnott, Christina, Haili Zhang, Anne Knecht, Sarita Balabhadra, Mike McLaughlin, Frank Chan, Brian Summers, John Kingsley
Seated at left front: Kate Guenther, Christie Ham, Ellis Miller


  David Kingsley's lab outing at San Francisco Zoo in 2006.

2007: Lab outing to Body World, San Jose Tech Museum
Visible man, Abe Bassan, and Phil Reno (pointing)
Frank Chan, Abe Bassan, Andrew Norman, Felicity Jones, Mike McLaughlin, Vivian, Vahan Indjeian , Haili Zhang, Alex Pollen



David Kingsley lab outing to the Body World Exhibit in 2007.


2008: Lab photo, Stanford Medical Center
Abe Bassan, Brian Summers, Phil Reno, Alex Pollen, Felicity Jones, Kate Guenther, Craig Miller, Mike McLaughlin, David Kingsley, Steve Arnott, Frank Chan, Andrew Norman, Doug Menke, Hao Chen, Vahan Indjeian, Haili Zhang


  David Kingsley Lab photo at the Stanford Medical Center in 2008.

2009: Lab on a train, Stevens Creek County Park
Rear Car: Felicity Jones, Frank Chan, Alex Pollen
Middle Car:jVahan Indjeian, Terry Capellini, Tim Howes
Front Car: David Kingsley Emily Hare, Flora Freitas



David Kingsley's lab on a train at Stevens Creek County Park in 2009.


2009: Stickleback crew coming back from Leicester meeting, London station
Emily Hare, Tim Howes, Vahan Indjeian, Felicity Jones, Frank Chan, Craig Miller, Alex Pollen, Haili Zhang



David KIngsley's stickleback crew returning from Leicester meeting in London station in 2009.


2009: "From Fish to Philosopher", Darwin Anniversary Symposium- Cold Spring Harbor June 2009
David Kingsley (lowly origins), Tim White, Hopi Hoekstra, Svante Paabo, Jack Horner (red shirt), James Watson, Daniel Dennett


  Darwin Anniversary Symposium at Cold Spring Harbor in June 2009.

2010: Lab photo, Stanford Medical Center
Back Row: Craig Lowe, Alex Pollen, Vahan Indjeian, Tim Howes, David Kingsley
Front Row: Kate Guenther, Shannon Brady, Kathy XIe, Felicity Jones, Terry Capellini, Flora Freitas, Emily Hare, Mike McLaughlin, Haili Zhang


  David Kingsley Lab photo at Stanford Medical Center in 2010.

2011: Elephant seal field trip, Ano Nuevo State Park
Mike McLaughlin, Terry Capellini, Alex Pollen, Natasha Meyer, Kathy Xie, David Kingsley, Kate Guenther, Craig Low, Felicity Jones, Tim Howes, Shannon Brady, Vahan Indjeian, Haili Zhang


  David Kingsley elephant seal field trip at Ano Nuevo State Park in 2011.

2011: Visiting Melissa Mark's New Lab at Willamette University
Melissa Marks and David Kingsley


  David Kingsley at Melissa Marks Lab 2011.

2011: November Lab Outing in San Francisco Bay


  Lab on San Francisco Bay tour, 2011

2012: David with his graduate and postdoc advisors at National Academy of Sciences induction.
Monty Krieger, Nancy Jenkins, Cindi and David Kingsley, Neal Copeland


  David at NAS meeting

2013: Lab outing to Terra Cotta Warrior Exhibit in San Francisco
Back: Alex Pollen, David Kingsley, Tim Howes, Craig Lowe, Vahan Indjeian, Tom Cooke
Middle: Cindi Kingsley, Kate Guenther, Mike McLaughlin, Terry Cappelini, Rhea Richardson, Kathy Xie
Front: Natasha O'Brown, Haili Zhang


  Terra cotta warriors exhibit

2014: Lab outing to Seymour Marine Discovery Center, UC Santa Cruz
Back: David Kingsley, Craig Lowe, Tim Howes
Middle: Shannon Brady, Rhea Richardson, Garrett Kingman, Kathy Xie, Abbey Thompson, Janet Song, Ian Heller, Natasha O'Brown
Front: Kate Guenther, Lisa Palermo


  Seymour Marine Discovery Center

2014: Lab spelling bee, lawn outside Beckman and LKSC
Left to right: David Kingsley, Kate Guenther, Garrett Kingman and Ian Heller, Abbey Thompson and Rhea Richardson, Kathy Xie, Shannon Brady and Janet Song, Tim Howes and Craig Lowe, Natasha O’Brown


  Lab spelling bee

2015: "Stanford Developmental Biology: The First Quarter Century”
25th reunion co-conspirators Will Talbot and David Kingsley


  Will and David

2015: Past and present Kingsley lab members at Dev Bio 25th Anniversary Celebration
Back row: Tim Howes, Ryan Rountree, Craig Miller, Craig Lowe, Kyle Gurley (peeking forward)
Row 2; Paul Marker, Garrett Kingman, Nicello Sanchez-Luege, Mike Shapiro, Michael Schoor, Cathy Thut, Jennifer King
Row 3: Pam Feliciano (partially hidden), Brian Summers, David Kingsley, Kate Guenther, Bonnie Cole, Ralph DiLeone
Row 4: Katie Peichel, Elaine Storm, Sarita Balabhadra, Ian Heller, Rhea Richardson, Frank Chan, Doug Menke
Front row: Melissa (and Harriet) Marks, Lisa Palermo, Abbey Thompson, Hao Chen, Natasha O’Brown, Janet Song, Kathy Xie, Alex Pollen


  25th Reunion

2016: Lab photo, Stanford Medical Center
Standing: Garrett Kingman, Janet Song, David Kingsley, Julia Wucherpfennig, Kathy Xie
Seated: Abbey Thompson, Rachel Grant, Kate Guenther, Ian Heller, Rhea Daugherty, Eric Au, Craig Lowe


  2016 Lab Photo

2018: Lab photo, Stanford Medical Center
Heidi Chen, TzuChiao Hung, Rachel Grant, Ian Heller, Janet Song, Garrett Kingman, Rhea Daugherty, David Kingsley, Eric Au, Craig Lowe, Abbey Thompson, Kate Guenther, Julia Wucherpfennig, Lisa Palermo


  2018 Lab Photo

2018: Extended Kingsley Lab Family at Kyoto Stickleback Conference
Multiple generations of stickleback trainees listed from left to right:
Daniel Shaw (White Lab), Alice Shanfelter (White Lab), Shaun McCann (Peichel Lab alumnus), Mike White (Peichel Lab alumnus; PI, U. Georgia), Tyler Square (Miller Lab), Sophie Archambeault (Peichel Lab), Craig Miller (Kingsley Lab alumnus; PI, UC Berkeley), Katie Peichel (Kingsley Lab Alumnus; PI, Bern, Switzerland), David Kingsley, Matt Josephson (Peichel Lab), Jun Kitano (Peichel Lab alumnus; PI, NIG-Japan ), Garrett Kingman (Kingsley Lab), Matthew Zuellig (Peichel Lab), Julia Wucherpfennig (Kingsley Lab), Asano Ishikawa (Kitano Lab), TzuChiao Hung (Kingsley Lab), Satoshi Ansai (Kitano Lab), Ryo Kakioka (Kitano Lab), Mark Ravinet (Kitano Lab), Manabu Kume (Kitano Lab)


  2018 Extended Lab

2019: Symposium and Lab Reunion for David’s 60th Birthday
Back Row: Vahan Indjeian, Craig Miller, Brian Summers, Abhishek Sinha, Paul Marker, Kathy Xie, Dolph Schluter, Tim Howes, Craig Lowe, Richard Clark, Ben Blackman
Secondish Row: Frank Chan, Kyle Gurley, Ashok Cutkosky, Andrew Kessler, Abbey Thompson, Shannon Brady, Mike Shapiro, Cathy Thut, Ralph DiLeone, Ryan “Ears” Rountree, Eric Au, Matthew McCoy, Veronica Behrens, Garrett Kingman, Ian Heller, Greg Marcus, TzuChiao Hung, Alex Pollen
Thirdish Row: Aaron Lipless, Pam Feliciano, Nathan Colosimo, Zach O’Brown, Natasha O’Brown, Elaine Storm, Haili Zhang, Amy Herbert, Hao Chen, Janet Song, Nancy Krieger, Monty Krieger, Hannah Essenburg, Doug Menke
Seated organizers and still-59 honoree: Lisa Palermo, Cindi Kingsley, David Kingsley, Kate Guenther, and Katie Peichel


  Lab Timeline

2019: Past and present Kingsley lab members in graphical timeline


  Lab Timeline


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